PDP 2020-2021

Improved Bowling Throws with Motion Tracking

Bowling can be fun, competitive or both. Learning can be fun, difficult or both.  How can we accentuate the fun parts of learning bowling, while minimizing the frustration that comes with seemingly unsurpassable obstacles?

3canvas is a company that is being founded to help start-ups, researchers, students and new business ventures in the design, production and launch of their physical products. In order to create a solution for clear and tailored feedback, our client is looking to visualize and quantify the complex collection of motions and alignments during a bowler's throw.

We need a PDP team to analyse the market, collect customer insight, and explore the technologies that are best fit for the job.

Customer & Market

Analyze the product-market fit for a motion tracking coaching solution by:

  1. Understanding the Customer

  2. Understanding the Sport

  3. Understanding the Anatomy and Mechanics of learning how to bowl at a

    1. Beginner level

    2. Competitive level

Work with Partners to Develop a Solution

Use available technological experts, athletes, and facilities to explore the potential of different technologies and approaches

Built, Test, Build, Test....

Create as many prototypes as possible. Focus on quantity and feedback